Custom Web Application, Open Source procurement, Software Development.

We are a Cloud Solution Provider. We utilize proprietary and Open Source technologies. With an audit, assessment, plan and blueprint prepared we will procure, implementation and customize.  Increase your sales, marketing or process automation by harnessing the power of SaaS / PaaS.

JEFFHARDY.PRO is a Canadian-based, digital marketing agency. We create digital content, e-commerce and responsive websites, produce integrated pro video and deliver strategy for your brand marketing and digital campaigns.

Our .PRO Network is a powerful group of highly skilled creatives. Our agency model allows for rapid development and delivery, and direct interaction with principals for clear communication and process driven service. With 20+ years of experience our scalable business model delivers enterprise level work.

As a solid entity for strategy and communication for local and international clients since 1994, Jeff Hardy has a successful track record ranging from delivery of brand experience to integrated marketing projects for organizations across all sectors of business.

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