Ridley College

Re-inventing a premium brand with over a century of history in the Canadian Private Education Market. Branding    |    Website Design    |    Marketing    |   Video    |     Graphics & Print
Challenge: Create a unique and authentic brand to stand apart in the North American and International Private School Market.
  • Client
  • Ridley College
    St. Catharines, Ontario
    Established 1889
  • Industry
  • Primary and Secondary Education
    Canadian Private School
  • Services
  • Brand Design, Marketing, Web & Interactive Design & Development, Photography Services, Video Production & Editing, Print Services, Consulting
  • Creative & Technology Director
  • Jeff Hardy BA, RGD
"For over 13 years, we worked in close partnership with Jeff and his team on our brand journey. Always challenging his artistic and technical skills, Jeff achieved all of our marketing objectives. His knowledge of marketing, design and technology is masterful."
Stephen Clarke
Deputy Headmaster, Ridley College
  • Marketing one of the oldest and most respected private schools in Canada
  • How do you re-invent and build a new brand experience from the inside out? Start on the inside.

    Working intimately with the team at Ridley we had perspective and insight into this special and unique culture. Teachers were there to teach. They were invested—professionally and personally. If a student, North American or International was new to Ridley and had the notion that it was "just any school" they changed their minds quickly as they realized it was truly "their school" and that they belonged there.

    Teachers and students alike, understand that Ridley College is a lifestyle. They own it. It is in their blood and becomes a memory that lasts a lifetime. "Your School" and "You Belong Here" was received as the Ridley College brand slogan for corporate marketing and Admissions, globally from 2005 until 2008 with great success.

  • Materials Produced to develop a unified brand
  • With a century of global identity and international presence, all materials from the school prospectus to individual brochures for each area including: Academics, Athletics, Campus, Boarding and more, were produced using the new brand design and messaging utilizing custom photography specifically shot for the new brand campaigns. These were produced in 7 different languages.

    With a major emphasis on a digital marketing plan including an interactive website with SIS integration, e-commerce and CMS capabilities, we challenged the available technology to push the envelope accomplishing advanced functionality and features on par with any corporate technical organization.


    As the Agency of Record for Ridley College, we worked cooperatively on their brand journey for 13 years.

"By presenting the right visuals and content we were able to convey a sense of unity and belonging by identifying a specific segment; modern-day local and international students to receive this direct language messaging."
Jeff Hardy
Jeff can quickly conceptualize and compartmentalize complex projects allowing clients such as myself to easily converse and track progress. Easy to work with at any level of client expertise, he quickly establishes himself as a integral resource for any client who uses his services."
Scott McCambley
Manager of Information Services at Ridley College
Ridley Upper School House